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Panamerican Dragon Boat Federation
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What is a dragon boat?

It is a boat with the shape of an open canoe of 12,5 meters long, adorned on the front and on the backwith the head and tail of a dragon.
Crew: máx. 20 people sitting paddlers - 10 on the right, 10 on the left + 1  drummer sitting on the front who set up the cadence of the strokes + 1 helmsman on the back of the boat who ensure the direction of the boat.

Tha history of the dragon boats races started in China about 2200 years ago. From that moment exists historical references in these boats. The modern era dates from the year 1976, when the first dragon boat festival was organized in Hong Kong.  Since that moment, this sport wxpanded all around the world. Now days, more thean 50 milion people from more than 50 countries, are enjoying dragonboating.


Dragoboating is an acuatic team sport, where 22 people have a common interest and a common goal. In one boat paddle men and women, so they can later show, that a team can do much more than individuality

Coordination and team work trumps the power of individuality. The team successful either in races or workout means joy and team satisfaction. Dragonboating offers unparalleled expertise in relation with sports and teamwork.

The Argentinean Dragon Boat Association organize races, festivals of dragon boats in Argentina and abroad.